Friday, August 30, 2013

Prayer Changes Things

My dad sang the song that is my title for this blog post the other night at church. The lyrics really spoke to me. I will post them below, but please take the time to read through this first.

I wanted to share this part of my life with you that some may not know about. As most of you know, May 2012, I had a miscarriage when I was 4 months along, but what you might not know is, that in December 2012, I lost another one due to an ectopic pregnancy. This is a very dangerous pregnancy and can be fatal to the mother. My Doctor from the US told me to not even risk flying to the US for the procedure. The chance of it rupturing was very high, which in turn, causes hemorrhaging, leading to death if I could not be seen immediately. A very scary thought! I had 2 choices, stay here, have the procedure done and maybe never having a child again. (Here, if you are under and they wanted to remove something to "practice" on you, they would. This was in the papers from a woman this happened to.) Or, take the risk of flying and seeing someone who could properly take care of me, I chose the latter. ***

I'm not saying all of this because I want sympathy, but rather to send encouragement to someone else who may be going through something similar. Since I have gone through this, I have read where several friends and acquaintances have lost a baby as well.

I'm not saying it's always easy, because yes, I still have my emotional ups and downs. BUT what I am wanting to say is, when you are going through that emotional roller coaster and thinking, what am I going to do, then pray and think on these lyrics posted below, because PRAYER REALLY CHANGES THINGS!!! (ORACIAN EN REALIDAD CAMBIA LAS COSAS)

I know what sadness is; I’ve had my share.
I know what gladness is; cause I’ve been there.
I know the peace and joy my God can bring.
Down on my knees I’ve learned what really changes things.

The only way to God is earnest prayer.
Just breath that Holy Name and He’ll be there.
He knows the grief we bear and knows our every need in prayer.
Just take it to the Lord, prayer changes things.

I know just how it feels to really believe I’m alone
when sorrow has no end and all hope seems gone.
I turned my eyes to Him, and new strength I gained,
and it’s then again I learned what really changes things.

The only way to God is earnest prayer.
Just breath that Holy Name and He’ll be there.
He knows the grief we bear and knows our every need in prayer.

Just take it to the Lord, prayer changes things.
Just take it to the Lord, prayer changes things.

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

***The clinic I go to here has very professional doctors. I go to the US under their recommendation. Due to the more up to date technology, I go in for any major medical visits.***

Monday, July 29, 2013

In My Shoes

Last night while at church, I went to the platform to sing praises to the Lord. I worship Him, the Giver of life. I pray and I read my Bible. I do all of this in hopes of being a better saint, a better wife and mother, a better friend and leader.
Once finished with my duties, I went to my seat and I took my shoes off, my feet were killing me, I had to have some relief! I had my 3 year old daughter come and sit with my husband and I. All throughout the service, I'd keep an eye on Josey, making sure she was behaving. During one of my glimpses of her, I noticed she had my shoes on. She was out in the aisle, listening intently to the preacher. Even thought they are too big for her, she still likes to put Mommy's shoes on, whether at church, home, or out visiting.
I say all of this, because I got to thinking about this  more seriously. I pray as Josey gets older, that I will always be a good, Godly example for her. That she can say, "My Mommy prays for me and I want to sing like Mommy when I get big!" She is already learning the ways of The Lord, but I want her to be able to have a closer walk with Him as she grows older. When she's sick, she asks for prayer. She'll lift her sweet, little voice in song to our Mighty God, singing about His love and His Awesomeness!
I pray that I fill my shoes so full of doing His will, that she'll always want to walk "In My Shoes" (En Mi Zapatos) and do His will.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I was just thinking about something. This morning as my 3-year-old daughter and I were walking out of the house, I put my hand down as if to hold her hand. I never told her to hold my hand, but blindly and trustingly, she lifted her hand to hold mine. Trusting that I will lead her correctly, trusting that by holding her hand, that I wouldn’t lead her dangerously, that I wouldn’t lead her just to let her fall somewhere along the path.

While I was thinking about her innocent trust (confianza), it also made me think of my Father. Not my earthly one, but my Celestial Father. We, as humans, somewhere in life have to learn to trust. Trust in others; trust in ourselves and to trust in a faith and to trust in a God.

Just as the scripture says, Psalm 71:5 “For thou art my hope, O Lord GOD: thou art my trust from my youth.”

I trust in Him. I trust that He’ll see me through each day. I reach up to His reaching down hand and He is there. He sees the path before me. He knows what will happen before I do; yet He still lets His hand down for me to hold. Trustingly, innocently, I hold it, knowing that if I stumble or fall, that ever-present hand is there to pick me up. Trusting that He'll lead me down the right path.

I may veer off course, but He never leaves me and is gently nudging me to get back on the right path, to not follow the dangerous, unknown path.

I am so thankful for a God that will never leave me, nor forsake me. He’s ever present and His hands are always there to hold mine and lead me correctly.

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ministry and Me

Sitting here reminiscing.

I remember as a child, growing up in a preacher's home, the numerous preachers we had come through. 

From way back then, I was taught to love and respect the ministry. It was instilled in me at a very early age. 

I use to love sitting there listening to the stories they would tell from their years in the ministry! It was always so exciting to have them come over!

Then, I got to an age where I got to go to camp. At camp, there were lots of ministers there. My favorite thing to do at camp was to get to wait on their tables, making sure they had plenty to eat and drink! It never got old.

Now, I am older and don't get to go to many camps or meetings anymore, but we get to have preachers and their wives to come here. I still get to serve them in some small way. 

While, I may not get to serve the ministry as much as I use to, I want to instill that same love and respect for the ministry into my daughter. That way, when she gets older and gets to go to camps and meetings of the same, she will want to  serve the ministry in the same way. 

I am thankful for Men of God in my life!

Being raised is an Apostolic minister's home was and will always be very special to me. The ministry will point mine and my family's souls toward Calvary. Helping me and them to be saved. 

Thank you, Men of God, for preaching, teaching and pointing me in the right direction!

I do apologize for my inadequate way of describing my love of the Apostolic Ministry.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Completing my second CD project, "Anointing!"
"Anointing" is my second CD project that I am now working on. This CD has 9 songs on it, with 4 being Bilingual (Spanish/English).
1. Problem Solver
2. Cristo Yo Te Amo
3. Lift Your Praises
4. Other Side Of Broken
5. The Call
6. El Me Levantara
7. Servant In Your Eyes
8. Anointing
9. Under The Blood
I am raising the funds to complete this CD project.
I have already produced the vocals and the music, I am now trying to get it mass produced. This includes, dubbing 1,000 CD's, printing on the CD's, printing and packaging the insert, and finally, having them wrapped and ready to send out.
Raising these funds will help me acquire the goal to have this mass production done. Once completed, I will be able to sell these CD's all over the world, in turn, helping me and others like me. Missionaries to the world!
Because this project is being pulled off in several different States and this is the final step, my plan is to correspond with the Final Producer in New Mexico and have this COMPLETED by the middle of July. With mail-outs being done by the ending of July, with the latest being September. 
Your help makes it possible for me and my family to do more on the mission field in Belize, where I have lived since I was 15 years old!
For over 12 years now, we have dedicated our lives to spreading the Gospel in this wonderful country!  
Thank you for your support!

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"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Be Thankful In ALL Things!

You know how the Bible says, "be thankful for all things?" I Thessalonians 5:18
Well, for weeks now, we have been having problems with our water well (bomba para agua). Each day, a trickle of water will come through our pipes. You might be lucky if you get 5 gallons to come through. So bathing is diminished to bird baths/sponge bathing. Washing hair is a nightmare!
While this may be nothing to you, it is a LOT to me. I am still a spoiled American. I try not to be, but there are those days when it all comes back to hit me.
This morning I wake up, lo and behold, there's a steady downpour of water, enough to wash my hair the way I like to. Now that I'm sitting here being thankful for it, I'm teary eyed thinking about how I haven't really been thankful in ALL things. Just another one of those LITTLE things in life to be thankful for.
Please pray for our water situation, that it will get better or that someone with more knowledge than we have can help us to fix the problem. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks:

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Sorry for quality of pictures below. They were taken at night and a few weeks ago on one of the other well break down occasions. :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Take A Trip With Me To P.G.

View from the hotel.
Hi! Welcome back to my blog from Belize.

Punta Gorda is in the Southern most part of Belize. It is in the Toledo District.

PG, as Punta Gorda is most commonly known as, is made up of close to 6,000 inhabitants. The people that we go to visit are the  Q'eqchi' (pronounced Kekchi) and Mayen Indians. Each speaking their own native tongue and English.

We take a trip to Punta Gorda (Fat Point) often to visit the other churches there. This trip is about a 6 hour drive from where we are, with some of the most beautiful scenery along the way.

Along the way, you will see Banana Farms, Plantain Farms, Pineapple Farms and Orange Orchards. I'm not really sure if they call them farms or orchards here. That's just what I call them. :)

Once you get more than half way there, you'll start seeing the houses of the Indians. Do you remember the Long Houses they taught about in History? That's what they remind me of. Most of the homes will have dirt floors and beds made of wooden pallets. You may also see their chickens living, laying and roosting inside their home. 

Jippy Joppa

We stay in a hotel that's about a block away from the ocean. This hotel is within walking distance of the markets and the town park. At these little market shops, you'll find the Indian people selling their cultural wares. Little baskets made of Jippy Joppa, hammocks, shoulder bags, headbands and other things like that.

This is Josey beside Joycelynn's Snack Shack.
I forgot to get a picture of her place.

They don't have many restaurants, but the ones you do find are pretty good. Grace's Restaurant had very good Shrimp Burritos and Joycelynn's Snack Shack has pretty amazing Conch Soup.

Thatch Ceiling of the Indianville Church.

While we were in the Toledo District, we were in service with Pastor Esteven Chun in Indianville Village. We are in the process of purchasing the land that the church is being built on. The brothers of this church came together and built the structure that is there now.

The good people of this church prepared supper for us. They call it "Caldo" (Soup). This is a meal common to these natives. This soup is made with home grown chicken, leaves and a root similar to potatoes. They will also make corn tortillas, by hand, over their indoor stove, to be served with this soup.

A neat site that you will see while visiting their homes or churches is when a baby has fallen asleep, they will put it in a home made sling and hang it from the rafters or on a nail.

While in PG, you can go and visit the Cottontree Chocolate Factory. It has some pretty AMAZING chocolate made there, from fresh grown cacao, that is grown there in the Toledo District. My absolute favorite chocolate they sell there is the Dark Milk Chocolate with coffee.
Notice the drill?
This is the way they grind the beans.

While driving down their dirt roads, you may come across some REALLY narrow, wooden bridges. It may be scary to you if riding in a large vehicle.

While we were there, we baptized 4 people in the lovely Name of Jesus. We drove what seems like forever to find a river that had not dried up from the heat they were having. We walked down a well beaten path to the river.

Once we got there, the people had some home made canoes. These canoes were whittled from very large trees. Pretty amazing to see. Would you ride in one? I would, I actually asked them if they would sell it. :)

On the way home, we stopped to have church in a village 50 miles away from PG. This village is called Bella Vista. Bro. Chun also pastors this church. He found a group of people that wanted a church there. One man willingly let his property be used for a church, another oversees the church when Bro. Chun can not be there. Help us pray for revival in this village! These people are hungry for God. Their music consists of a keyboard and a child that plays a turtle shell for a drum.

Pastor & Sis. Chun

They were amazed at this new church that I "spoke" their language. Sadly, I don't. They asked me to repeat what I said. I know how to say "God Bless You" and sing "I'm So Glad Jesus Set Me Free" in their language. I wanted to see their drum more closely, so they let me play it. As they scooted in closer to listen to me sing and play the drum, the drum player told me I could have his drum. I asked him if he had another one, he said no. So politely, I told him no, that I would wait until he got another one and I handed it back to him. As it was time to leave, I was going to get in the vehicle, when this boy ran up to me and said, "Here sister, this is for you!" I did not want to be offensive, so I took it and will treasure it always.

I hope you have enjoyed my trip to PG, as I did. Enjoy the pictures and please come back and visit my blog as I update it.

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" 

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Words can't describe how excited I am at what the Lord is doing in the lives of people here in Belize!

Over the past several weeks we have baptized 5 in the lovely Name of Jesus! Thank you Lord for new souls!!!

Thank you for your prayer support. It is heard by Him and is felt all the way over here in Belize.

That a new soul would see their need for salvation and render themselves to His calling.

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"