Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Cry of a Music Leader!

The cry of a music leader!

When you're called to lead and do it with your whole heart, you're happy and you do it with gladness, because you're called!

What makes one sad is, while leading, you see the needs of everyone else. The desperation of those wanting a touch from God, but not knowing exactly how to get it. You see your more seasoned saints, who should know, "watch and pray," staying to themselves, rather than going to pray with someone that needs it.

The cry of of a leader is, God, when are You going to send help? It's been so long and we want to be helping in the altars, but need the younger, or older to get it for themselves and help out!

The cry, can't you see those behind you, with just a simple twist of your head, needing someone to help them reach the next level with God?

When will the younger generation see the need that the older generation needs help and just get in there and do it?

Did we lose something along the way? Is it just me?

My cry, I need help!!! Help with music, help with singing, help with altar work!

When will you step up and help your leader?

Am I the only one that feels this way? Is there other parts of the ministry that feel this same way?

***Sis. Jessica Howard is an amazing altar worker! I was privileged to be able to stand beside her and help pray with people. What an honor to know her!***