Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ministry and Me

Sitting here reminiscing.

I remember as a child, growing up in a preacher's home, the numerous preachers we had come through. 

From way back then, I was taught to love and respect the ministry. It was instilled in me at a very early age. 

I use to love sitting there listening to the stories they would tell from their years in the ministry! It was always so exciting to have them come over!

Then, I got to an age where I got to go to camp. At camp, there were lots of ministers there. My favorite thing to do at camp was to get to wait on their tables, making sure they had plenty to eat and drink! It never got old.

Now, I am older and don't get to go to many camps or meetings anymore, but we get to have preachers and their wives to come here. I still get to serve them in some small way. 

While, I may not get to serve the ministry as much as I use to, I want to instill that same love and respect for the ministry into my daughter. That way, when she gets older and gets to go to camps and meetings of the same, she will want to  serve the ministry in the same way. 

I am thankful for Men of God in my life!

Being raised is an Apostolic minister's home was and will always be very special to me. The ministry will point mine and my family's souls toward Calvary. Helping me and them to be saved. 

Thank you, Men of God, for preaching, teaching and pointing me in the right direction!

I do apologize for my inadequate way of describing my love of the Apostolic Ministry.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Completing my second CD project, "Anointing!"
"Anointing" is my second CD project that I am now working on. This CD has 9 songs on it, with 4 being Bilingual (Spanish/English).
1. Problem Solver
2. Cristo Yo Te Amo
3. Lift Your Praises
4. Other Side Of Broken
5. The Call
6. El Me Levantara
7. Servant In Your Eyes
8. Anointing
9. Under The Blood
I am raising the funds to complete this CD project.
I have already produced the vocals and the music, I am now trying to get it mass produced. This includes, dubbing 1,000 CD's, printing on the CD's, printing and packaging the insert, and finally, having them wrapped and ready to send out.
Raising these funds will help me acquire the goal to have this mass production done. Once completed, I will be able to sell these CD's all over the world, in turn, helping me and others like me. Missionaries to the world!
Because this project is being pulled off in several different States and this is the final step, my plan is to correspond with the Final Producer in New Mexico and have this COMPLETED by the middle of July. With mail-outs being done by the ending of July, with the latest being September. 
Your help makes it possible for me and my family to do more on the mission field in Belize, where I have lived since I was 15 years old!
For over 12 years now, we have dedicated our lives to spreading the Gospel in this wonderful country!  
Thank you for your support!

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"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Be Thankful In ALL Things!

You know how the Bible says, "be thankful for all things?" I Thessalonians 5:18
Well, for weeks now, we have been having problems with our water well (bomba para agua). Each day, a trickle of water will come through our pipes. You might be lucky if you get 5 gallons to come through. So bathing is diminished to bird baths/sponge bathing. Washing hair is a nightmare!
While this may be nothing to you, it is a LOT to me. I am still a spoiled American. I try not to be, but there are those days when it all comes back to hit me.
This morning I wake up, lo and behold, there's a steady downpour of water, enough to wash my hair the way I like to. Now that I'm sitting here being thankful for it, I'm teary eyed thinking about how I haven't really been thankful in ALL things. Just another one of those LITTLE things in life to be thankful for.
Please pray for our water situation, that it will get better or that someone with more knowledge than we have can help us to fix the problem. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks:

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Sorry for quality of pictures below. They were taken at night and a few weeks ago on one of the other well break down occasions. :)