Saturday, January 11, 2014

Worship (Adoración)

I was pondering this tonight.

A few years ago, dad went to Honduras, where there was a man who's 1 arm and 1 leg on one side of his body had been severed. He had been outside working and was electrocuted, causing the amputations. Dad came home and begin telling us about this man. Dad was able to be in service with a group of believers there and  everyone worshipped The Lord, including this man. He couldn't clap like people that has 2 hands, nevertheless, he clapped. He couldn't dance like someone with 2 legs and feet could, yet he managed to dance, in a way, I'm sure was pleasing to The Lord. You see, he could be dead from that high voltage of electricity, but he's not. He could've chose to give up on God, yet he didn't. He chose to trust in the One who made him and to worship Him for what he does have.

As I was thinking about this, I got to wondering, what if we, with all of our limbs intact, begin to worship The Lord wholeheartedly? Would it stir the flame? Wouldn't it please The Lord? Then, in turn, spiritual satisfaction could be gained, because we worshipped Him with complete abandonment.

I have been guilty of going to church and just going with the same ole ritual. Not completely giving myself away. What can I do to better myself in the church, I ask? Begin to worship Him, as the gentlemen mentioned above did. Those of you that have both arms/hands and legs/feet, think on these things. How can you do better? Go into the house of Worship with only the thought of worshipping The Lord. Forget about yesterday, what happened today and what will happen tomorrow. Focus on Him, watch what He does. Begin to completely give yourself away in to worship Him. Then, you'll see a difference.

I'm ready to start worshipping Him the way He deserves to be worshipped! Are you? I'm ready to see what the difference in me will be!

Who will join me in 2014, worshipping Him in complete abandonment?

“What is the use of praying if at the very moment of prayer, we have so little confidence in God that we are busy planning our own kind of answer to our prayer?” Written by Thomas Mertin
"Don't Worry, Be Happy"


  1. Sis Haley,

    This was such a good post; thank you so much for sharing! You have challenged me! God bless!

    1. Thank you! Responses from my reader's help me to be motivated to post more. God bless you!

  2. Thanks for the post it got me thinking about what I need to change. I know that I sure am guilty of not giving completely of myself when I pray. Tks again u r awesome!!!